Changing utilisation of blood products due to HIV/AIDS in Andries Vosloo Hospital: 2004 to 2009

Hestelle Smith, Stephen Knight


The study will take place at Andries Vosloo Hospital, situated in the town of Somerset East in the Eastern Cape Province South Africa. The hospital serves the Blue Crane Route Municipal area which consists of the following towns Cookhouse, Pearston and Somerset East. The population is 39816.

The study will be an observational analytic cross- sectional study.

A Retrospective chart review will be conducted, utilising existing information from patient files, hospital accounts and blood registers both in the institution and at SANBS.

All the patients that received blood products and all patients on highly active antiretroviral therapy, in Andries Vosloo Hospital during 1999 and 2009, records will be reviewed to determine the changing utilization patterns of blood products due to HIV/AIDS in Andries Vosloo Hospital.