An exploratory study-uncontrolled type 2 diabetic patientsí perceptions of insulin treatment

Dayanandan Nadasen, Mergan Naidoo


The study design will be a descriptive qualitative, pilot study. The aim is to review the††† major reasons why patients appear to be reluctant to start insulin. Once the main reasons have been determined then a more in-depth quantitative study would develop tools to measure and monitor these reasons.††

A sample will be chosen using a convenience method. Convenience sampling may be considered to be appropriate in a pilot, exploratory study and the sample will comprise of all those who agree to participate in the study. A sampling to redundancy method will be employed; data will be collected until no new themes emerge. Patients will be interviewed using a face-to-face semi-structured interview format with open-ended questions. Interviews will be taped and transcribed to text.