An audit of patients presenting with Urogenital fistulae to the Urogynaecological unit over a 14 year period (1999- June 2012)

Railene Candice Nobin, Surandhra Roopnarain Ramphal


We aim to explore the characteristics associated with UGF, in terms of patient demographics, aetiology, pre-operative work up, diagnosis, management and outcomes, in patients presenting with UGF to our Urogynaecological unit. Special reference being made to the surgical approach used, which is in keeping with international standards and best practices. It is a retrospective chart review of women who presented with UGF to the unit, from 1999 to June 2012. The researcher will record all relevant data using a structured data sheet. See annexure 1. There will be no patient contact necessary. Data will then be entered into a computer database using Microsoft Excel software. The  results will be pooled for the study, and individual results of this study will remain confidential and anonymous. Results will be presented as percentages, means and frequencies using simple descriptive statistics and will be analysed in conjunction with a statistician.  Ethical approval will be obtained prior to conducting the study. No funding is required except for stationery for the data sheet.