Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions of Antenatal Women to Postpartum Bilateral Tubal Ligation.

Bongumusa Steven Makhathini, Randolph Green-Thompson


This is a prospective observational study. A questionnaire will be formulated in English and translated to isiZulu.

The study will analyze :


a).General information: age, race, marital status, socio-cultural and economic        history, level of education and religion.

b). Obstetrical history.

c). Closed ended questions to knowledge, attitudes of patients towards BTL.

Following ethics approval, patients will be counseled about the study and informed consent will be obtained. Voluntary filling of the forms will be conducted by the patients.

The completed forms will be kept in a safe place by t the researcher into the lockable cabinet. Confidentiality on information provided by patients will be maintained.