A retrospective study to measure the effect of the introduction of a standard monitoring protocol on the metabolic control of type 2 diabetes at Addington Hospital MOPD.

John Gill, Fraser Pirie


In 2005, a guideline for the monitoring of diabetic patients, which set goal levels for Body Mass Index, glycated haemoglobin, blood pressure and lipid levels, was introduced at Addington Hospital MOPD. This study will attempt to evaluate the effect of the guidelines on the metabolic control of a population of diabetic patients and the extent to which the guidelines are followed.

These investigations were not routinely performed prior to the introduction in September 2005. The extent to which they were performed will be measured on a randomly selected group of patients from the population. This will be repeated on further randomly selected patients in 2008 and 2009 to ascertain whether the guidelines are being followed and whether the goal levels are being reached. An improvement of 1% in  glycated haemoglobin levels will be considered significant.