Thyroid Gland Invasion in Advanced Laryngeal Carcinoma : Evaluation of Indications for Thyroidectomy and Possible Clinicopathologic Predictors of Invasion

Janani Naidoo, Tesuven Krishna Naidu


This is a proposed retrospective chart review of all total laryngectomies with thyroidectomy performed for laryngeal carcinoma at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital between June 2007 and June 2012. The study aims to establish the frequency with which thyroidectomy is performed when total laryngectomy is embarked on, the indications for partial or total thyroidectomy and examines the validity of these indications by investigating the frequency with which the thyroid gland is invaded by tumour for each indication. In those patients in which thyroid gland invasion by tumour has been demonstrated, an attempt will be made to identify possible predictors for such invasion.