Risk Factor Assessment in Black South Africans Presenting with Acute Myocardial Infarction at Durban RK Khan Hospital

Skhumbuzo Masina, Naresh Ranjith



  1. To asses the risk factors associated with myocardial infarction in Black South Africans


  1. To identify all cases of all patients admitted to the Coronary Care Unit for acute  myocardial infarction during the period of  01/01/2008 to 31/03/2012
  2. To collect data on physical, demographic, biochemical  and family history of vascular disease
  3. To describe the prevalence of each risk factor among the participants
  4. To evaluate the association of each risk factor with acute myocardial infarction  in Black South Africans
  5. To compare the risk factor profile by age category and gender