Penetrating Head Injuries in the pediatric population in Kwa Zulu Natal

David Kadhaya, Erastus Kiratu


We retrospectively review penetrating head injuries in the pediatric population referred to the neurosurgery department in Kwa Zulu Natal over the period (January 1989- December 2008).

Evaluation and management of penetrating head injuries in the pediatric population remains one of the key priorities in health.

The upper age of our patient population is to be 6 years. We will review the median age of our patients.

The age group with the high number of patients with penetrating head injuries will be defined.

The injuries will consist broadly of gunshot injuries and penetrating stab wounds. The number of patients seen will be categorized based on the mechanisms of injury and the patient age and sex.

The presenting features and clinical neurological findings will be evaluated.

The patients subjected to catheter angiography will be evaluated as well as the abnormalities in these studies.

The overall morbidity including neurological deficits will be calculated

The overall mortality will also be calculated.