The spectrum, outcome and cost of acute appendicitis at Edendale Hospital and its related catchment areas

Victor Kong, Thandinkosi Madiba


The analysis of prospective and retrospective data collection from patients presenting with acute appendicitis at the Edendale Regional Hospital will be undertaken. Much of the data acquired for the study is taken as normal standard of care. Data will be collected by means of patient interviews and medical record reviews in the prospective arm and through record reviews only in the retrospective arm. The data from both arms will be analysed in order to assess the spectrum of disease seen. Complications will be analysed to compare outcomes seen in patients who live in rural or in urban areas. A costing model will be constructed to reflect the cost of complications. A mathematical model will be constructed to predict the need for relaparotomy in complicated cases. The prospective arm of the data will allow for a detailed analysis to assess factors associated with delay in presentation.