A comparison of the effects of aqueous cream on trans-epidermal water loss when used as a body wash or leave-on emollient

Lenice Nel, Dr N Dlova


Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a major public health problem; with a prevalence rate of 13.3% in South African children

.Emollient use represent the mainstay of treatment for AD.  The Essential Drug List guidelines suggest the use of Aqueous cream as both a leave on emollient and soap substitute.

  Studies in UK showed that the use of aqueous cream as a leave on emollient might be detrimental to skin barrier function.. To date no studies have evaluated the use of Aqueous cream a soap substitute or as a emollient in African skin.

This study will test the effects of Aqueous Cream, when used as emollient and soap substitute, on TEWL as a reflection of skin barrier function. The study aims to determine the need for re-evaluation of the current recommendations for emollient use in atopic dermatitis.