HIV Prevalence in Dermatology clinic at King Edward Hospital, KwaZulu-Natal

A K Duze, N Ncoza Cordelia Noxolo Dlova


 Patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection are prone to a variety of skin problem. These may only be seen in HIV-infected individuals, or may be common conditions in the general population. These conditions include mainly infections, inflammatory conditions and tumours. Although the HIV prevalence data are unavailable through the national antenatal(ANC) surveys, there are none which have been done in dermatology out patient clinics to date. The documentation of the prevalence of HIV in skin clinic setting is important so that we can quantify the burden that HIV has placed on skin disease in South Africa(SA).

HIV infection and AIDS(acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) are related to wide range of skin and mucosae manifestations. These manifestations can be the first signs of asymptomatic HIV infection, indices of advanced immunodeficiency or symptoms of opportunistic infections or neoplasms. Dermatological signs in HIV/AIDS are sometimes related with atypical immunologic stimulations, sometimes to severe immunodeficiency or infections and can be important prognostic markers regarding the evolution of the underlying disorder