Group exercise and its relation to perceived health status, functional fitness, immune and hormonal status of older persons living in aged care facilities within the eThekwini Municipality

Serela Ramklass


A longitudinal cohort study will be conducted at five randomly selected aged care facilities within a 20 - 30km radius of the Ethekwini CBD.  A 60 minute structured group exercise programme will be conducted 3x week for 3 months amongst 20 participants ≥ 60 years of age.  Eligibility for participation will be based on screening.  Exercise prescription will include warm-up, endurance, mobility/ balance training, resistance, and cool-down.  Pre- and post- intervention assessments will include self-perceived health status, assessment of balance, nutrition, cognition, functional fitness, functional exercise, capacity, anthropometric measures, cardiovascular measures, levels of selected hormones and visual acuity.