A review of the clinical presentation and diagnostic challenges of retained abdominal swabs and the medico-legal implications of gossypiboma.

Ruvashni Naidoo, Prof B Singh


Aim of study

The study will provide a critical overview of the current literature with respect to the symptoms and signs that a patient with a retained abdominal swab may present with, as well as the radiological appearance of a retained swab and the legal implications for the operating team. The study will detail aspects of the incidence, pathogenesis, presentation, varied complications, challenges in diagnosis and treatment. It will also look at the current international literature regarding the responsibility of such a misadventure, as well international surgical guidelines aimed at preventing such mishaps. The information will be assimilated to provide a comprehensive summary surrounding gossypiboma as well as the risk factors for this misfortune and the standards of medical practice that will in the future help prevent such disasters.