Chronic regional pain syndrome and the role of sympathectomy in its management.

Dr S Mewa Kinoo, Prof B Singh


Aim of study

The study will provide a critical overview of the current literature with respect to chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and its management options. The study will emphasize the challenges faced in making this diagnosis and outline the benefits of early recognition.  The study will also focus on the unappreciated therapeutic value of sympathectomy in its management, prompting early referral to the general surgeon.


Specific objectives

•           To define CRPS and give a brief history of how this terminology has evolved

•           To establish the criteria for diagnosing CRPS

•           To describe the criteria for staging CRPS

•           To describe the postulated pathogenesis of CRPS

•           To identify the possible areas affected by CRPS

•           To describe the nonsurgical management options, and its effectiveness

•           To establish the role of the general surgeon in sympathectomy.