The role of intravenous albumin in preventing degeneration of the endothelial glycocalyx

Christella Alphonsus, Dr R Rodseth


The concept of a lining on the vascular endothelium was first proposed in the 1940’s. (Weinbaum, Tarbell et al. 2007) Modern dye and microscopy techniques have now made visualisation of this layer possible. (Becker, Chappell et al. (2010) Research over the past 15 years has shown certain functions of the endothelial glycocalyx that have important physiological implications. (Weinbaum, Tarbell et al. 2007) This review will look at the structure and physiology of the glycocalyx, the pathophysiology and strategies to preserve the layer and albumin’s potential role in preserving the endothelial glycocalyx.