Prevalence of menstrual abnormalities in women of reproductive age group according to HIV status.

Kaizer Baloyi, Dr MH Sebitloane


        Women of known HIV status or those willing to test will be recruited into the study at the following clinics:

*adult antiretroviral (ARV) Clinic – those who about to initiate ARV’s, and those already          on ARV’s.

*Colposcopy clinic (Room 4).

*Gynae outpatients (Room 6) – women in reproductive age group presenting with various complaints.

*other wards – eg surgical or medical wards

A questionnaire will be administered enquiring about menstrual pattern in the previous three months

HIV Status will be established, or tested if never previously tested (Patients from room 4 and 6 and wards)

Those who are HIV infected , CD4 count will be established and whether or not she is on ARV treatment, as well as duration of therapy