Neuronavigation assisted endoscopic treatment of pediatric multiloculated hydrocephalus

Basil Enicker, Professor TE Madiba


To prospectively assess the  effectiveness of using neuronavigation ( Brainlab)  assisted neuroendoscopy   in the treatment of multiloculated hydrocephalus    . The diagnosis  is made  using a CT brain and  MRI is  performed  to better visualize the septations  .Brainlab MRI sequence is performed at the same time. Ventriculography  is performed  using  Omnipaque  contrast  to plan surgery and assess which compartments need to be connected using the neuroendoscope . Entry points and trajectories are planned in the brainlab station .The neuroendoscope is  used to  connect the different compartments  . A VP shunt is inserted to  simplifying the shunting system