Occupational benzene exposure and genotoxicity among eThekwini municipality petrol attendants in 2011

Mpho Hazel Makwela, Rajen Naidoo


Occupational exposure to petrol is a health hazard as benzene has carcinogenic and mutagenic effects on human health and is a group 1 carcinogen.

We will conduct an observational analytic cross sectional study among petrol attendants at 10 filling stations in the eThekwini Municipality at which a mobile environmental monitoring station is available to collect volatile organic compounds emissions. Interviews will be on validated questionnaires and blood samples for comet assay and benzene biomarkers will be taken. Our study will find a correlation between benzene occupational exposure and albumin adducts Benzo-oxide and 1.4 Benzoquinone level and this will be correlated to length of comet tail as a measure of DNA damage.