Policies and Regulatory frameworks influencing trend of work-related fatalities and severe injuries in construction industry in Dar Es Salaam region, Tanzania: (1980-2009)

Joshua Mwita Matiko, Prof. Rajen Naidoo


The study is based on data contained in the accident notification and register book which will be accessed from the Tanzanian Labour Commissionerís office. Data related to fatalities and injuries that occurred from January 1980 to December 2009 in Dar es Salaam, will be extracted.

Data will be coded and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science and indicators in terms of percentage will be calculated. The data will be described with cross-tabulation of percentage distributions of fatalities and injuries per year or identified time period by: age and sex, work experience, accident type such as falls from a height, awkward or sudden movement, slip and falls on the level, etc; and† causes of accident such as temporary construction or fabric, construction machinery.

Bivariate analysis will be used to see if the frequency of injuries and fatalities in construction industry among non-construction industries are influenced by introduction of regulatory bodies, legislation and polices during two different durations. Multivariate analysis will be done to refine bivariate analysis, taking into account the possible influence of other durations in which other regulatory bodies, legislation and polices have been introduced.