An explorative study of the value of process engineering when using OpenMRS to manage data for the treatment and Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Harsha Krishnalal Desai, Rosemary Quilling, Yashik Singh


The discipline of process engineering is especially adept at analysing and improving the fit between user and the Task , incorporating the role of IT as an enabler. Therefore this study is well positioned to make a meaningful contribution. In South Africa, Tuberculosis is as common as the prevalence of HIV/AIDS. There has been an extensive drive in SA to curb the prevalence rate of both these communicable diseases in the last decade(WHO, 2009). Given that this is part of the Health Strategy of SA, it will be valuable to focus this study on the diagnosis and treatment of TB. As the SA government is busy formulating a HIS strategy, there has been some consideration of using Open source technologies(Mars & Seebregts). Therefore understanding the FIT between Task (process of diagnosing and treating) TB in SA and IT (Business Architecture of the OpenMRS) this study will be able to add to the debates of the design of SAs HIS.