Obstetric anaesthesia audit: Investigating obstetric anaesthesia at level 1 and 2 hospitals in KwaZulu Natal.

Annette Theron, Professor C Rout


An audit will be conducted of the obstetric anaesthesia services available in kwaZulu-Natal.  Questionnaires will be submitted to all doctors at level 1 and 2 hospitals in the province to establish their role in providing obstetric anaesthesia and their level of training and experience.


Simultaneously, Medical Managers of these hospitals will receive a questionnaire documenting manpower resources available and services provided, and caseload statistics for operating theatres and maternity services for 2009.  Also, October 2010 will be taken as an index month to make a more detailed record of all obstetric deliveries, operative deliveries and the type of anaesthetic used in each case.