Ezekiel Oni, Ogbor Harbor


This research aims to explore contraceptive practices among women of childbearing age living with HIV/AIDS.It is to be conducted at THEMBALETHU ARV CLINIC, NGWELEZANE HOSPITAL. It is a descriptive, cross-sectional study. The study population shall be HIV sero-positive  women attending Thembalethu ARV clinic who meet the inclusion criteria for the study. The study participants are expected to complete questionnaires with the help of a trained data collector/interviewer who would ask questions contained in the questionnaires. This is to help minimize information bias considering the fact that majority of our patients are uneducated and may have difficulties completing the questionnaires on their own. The estimated sample size is 420, and this will be achieved by systematic random sampling from the sampling frame of individuals who meet the inclusion criteria. Data analysis will be done in conjunction with a professional statistician( Mrs Fikile Nkwanyana).

Some of the limitations envisaged include:

(1)Since the study only includes women, non-inclusion of their male partners may affect the validity of the study in some ways considering the fact that women in our environment generally need the consent of their male partners for decisions on contraceptive use and method etc.                                                                                                                                                               (2) the information provided is not validated with male sexual partners

(3) the fact that only patients attending Thembalethu clinic will be involved in the study may bias the result since there are several other ARV clinics in the District whose patients are not part of the study. Furthermore , our patients are predominantly African. The implication of this is that study sample may not be sufficiently representative.

(4)the fact that respondents are required to recall past contraceptive use may allow for recall bias.