Changing patterns in aetiological factors of chronic kidney disease; and prevalence of its complications in the outpatients department of the Nephrology Unit, Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital, Kwazulu Natal between January 2007 December 2009

Verushka Reddy, Nomandla Madala


The purpose of this protocol is to determine:

The most common risk factors leading to CKD in our population following data review between 2003-2010

To determine the CKD stage at which patients present to receive treatment in public health sector at the appropriate institution

To determine the proportion of common complications in pts with CKD

The results of this study will assist in determining the most prevalent risk factors leading to chronic kidney disease currently.

This will assist in determining risk factor screening and to focus treatment on optimizing risk factors to prevent progression of CKD.

Stage of presentation will allow us to determine and institute better programmes for detecting patients with renal impairment before they are dialysis requiring.

The proposed study will include data from the outpatient department in the nephrology unit at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital in KZN between 2003 2010