Kesavan Krishna Pillay, Andrew Ross


King Edward VIIIth hospital provides a vital service to victims of trauma. The lack of reliable epidemiological data on the workload in the trauma unit makes it difficult to establish the contribution of trauma to the burden of disease in the area, making resource allocation† inappropriate and ineffective.. The trauma unit will be reviewed with the intention of compiling a practice profile and identifying the unitís strengths and weaknesses. The demography of presenting patients, their reasons for presenting, the severity of cases and the perceptions of patients and staff on the level of the service offered will be reviewed. The study will entail a retrospective analysis of patientís files (using a data capture form as a tool), focused group discussions with doctors and nurses and the completion and analysis of patient satisfaction questionnaires (at the point of exit). The study will be descriptive and will employ quantitative and qualitative methods. Descriptive statistics will be generated from quantitative data. Qualitative data will be analyzed thematically. Ultimately a set of recommendations will be drafted and disseminated to key role players to optimize the quality of the emergency service offered.