Complicated Sinusitis, A retrospective Review

Kurt Schlemmer, SK Naidoo


We aim to collect and report on as much information as we can with regards to possible risk factors for the development of complicated sinusitis, patient presentation and demographics, clinical staging, investigative and interventional strategies and rationale, microbiology, admission duration and if possible outcome evaluation


We would like to add to the body of evidence already available on the subject with our province in particular an area of seemingly high prevalence of complicated sinusitis.


By reporting on our findings we will also be able to audit our assessment and interventions both in the periphery as well as at our referral centres. We will hopefully be able to assess criteria for referral, choice of empirical antibiotic and need for intervention by retrospectively critically analysing the above data.


By being able to present our findings in a format available to not only ENT surgeons but also general practitioners and those working in the more rural areas of our province and country, we can hopefully highlight the patterns of presentation, risk factors, referral criteria and help to identify the patient population at risk of developing complicated sinusitis so that these patients may hopefully receive earlier and more appropriate intervention.