Mamotabo Rossy Matshela, DP Naidoo



1.                  To identify ACS subjects with CHB and  define their clinical presentation

2.                  To define the outcome in these subjects and compare this to an age and sex matched group of subjects IHD patients with CHB without ACS.

3.                  To describe factors which impact on outcome

a.      The short and long term-implications of temporary vs permanent pacing

b.      Effects of revascularisation procedures ie PCI /CABG

c.      To determine whether patients will benefit from either or both of the two treatment modalities.

d.      To determine whether permanent pacing can be deferred in patient whose conduction system recovers after TPM following an ACS/IHD?

e.      Patients with ACS/IHD complicated by heart block on permanent pacemaker; can we safely terminate pacing if they become independent during follow-up?

4.                  Patient with symptomatic complete AV dissociation and inoperable CAD warranting pacing; Is PPM alone offers the best long term treatment modality.

5.                  To describe the findings of the echocardiogram in these subjects and relate the findings to outcome