The clinical, molecular and genetic evaluation of the subtypes of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy in KwaZulu Natal

Kaminie Moodley, Pierre Bill


This study will determine how many patients have LGMD in KZN and the commonest subtype encountered in our population. The study population will consist of all patients in KZN. As IALCH is the largest Neurology Unit in KZN (The only other being Greys Hospital in PMB) and the only facility with a Neuromuscular Unit, alomost all state patients with inherited muscle disease will eventually be seen at IALCH. We will also recruit patients from Greys Hospital and will contact all private neurologists. After obtaining informed patient consent from patients we will clinically assess all patients and carry out various blood tests as well Western Blot on muscle specimens in order to determine the most frequent subtype of LGMD in KZN>