Reproductive profile of women seeking termination of pregnancy at Northdale hospital

Samuel Ogutu Muruya, H M Sebitloane


The objective of the study is to determine the reproductive profiles of women seeking TOP at   Northdale hospital. The reproductive profiles include sexual abuse, STIs (including HIV, syphilis, cervical neoplasia) and contraception usage. The study sample will consist of women attending TOP clinic over a period of six months. Women will be informed that the study is for degree purposes and it may be published. They will be informed that they are not obliged to participate in the study and that their participation will not interfere with their chances of being allowed TOP. Those who agree to participate in the study will be informed of their choice to questionnaire with or without STIs investigations or pap-smear. Isi-Zulu translated versions of patient information; questionnaire; and consents will be available for women who do not understand English. A structured questionnaire will involve questions about STIs, cervical neoplasia screening (pap-smear), history of sexual abuse and contraceptive usage. They will be offered VCT for HIV, screening for syphilis by means of rapid plasma regain (RPR).The results will be reviewed on the second appointment in TOP clinic. Women with abnormal or positive test results will be offered treatment in accordance with standard management guidelines.