Developing a multi faceted approach to uplifting and improving trauma care in the periphery.

Damian Clarke, Sandie Thomson,


Executive Summary

I wish to extend my existing interest in human error and trauma care to the problem of rural trauma in South Africa. I hope to combine my previously published work and with new prospective work to produce a fully fledged doctoral dissertation.  I have written and published on the problems of human error in trauma care. I have also documented some of the deficiencies in trauma care in management of common trauma problems such as thoraco-abdominal injuries and traumatic brain injury. This proposed  thesis would build on my previously published work and would consist of a number of audits and interventions.  I plan to audit the peripheral hospitals in area two (Western KZN) to quantify the level of care available there and to quantify the volume and type of trauma that is managed there.  The referrals to the tertiary hospital in western KZN will be audited to assess the adequacy of the referral. Inappropriate referrals will be analyzed using a modern taxonomy of error. Out of our understanding of these problems interventions will be designed and implemented. Each intervention will be directed at specific objectives.  Some of the possible interventions are discussed in this proposal.