HIV-1 Gag-Protease Sequence Variation and Fitness Influence on Mother to Child Transmission and Paediatric Disease Progression

Vanessa Luxmi Naidoo, Thumbi Ndung'u



1.      Investigate whether viral Gag-Protease-driven fitness is a determinant of mother to child transmission. This will be determined by comparing the viral fitness, determined by HIV-1 subtype C Gag-Protease function of recombinant viruses derived from infected infants and their transmitting mothers.

2.      Determine and compare the Gag-Protease-driven viral fitness of virus infecting transmitting and non-transmitting mothers, to determine if the viruses with higher fitness are more likely to be transmitted

3.      Determine the effect of Gag-Protease driven viral fitness on the rate of disease progression in HIV-1 infected children.