Evaluation of Human Patient Simulator as a Teaching Tool in Intern Anaesthetic Training

Thasegan Moodley, Dean Gopalan


While Human simulators have been used to teach medical students and postgraduate medical trainees, for a long time, it has never evaluated as a teaching tool in Anaesthetics, in South Africa.   

All participants will have a pre-teaching written test and a pre-teaching OSCE based on airway management.  Participants will then be divided into two groups.  One group will be exposed to the Human Patient Simulator (Experimental Group (EXP)) and one group will be exposed to traditional teaching method, PowerPoint Presentation (Control Group (CTL)).  Thereafter all participants will have a post-teaching written test and a post-teaching OSCE.  The participants will also be able to give the researchers feedback on the simulation session and the via a detailed questionnaire.