Perinatal outcome of singleton pregnancies with polyhydramnios at two tertiary obstetric units in KwaZulu Natal

Randolph Green-Thompson, Logie Govender, Jack Moodley


This is a 6 month prospective observational study of singleton pregnancies complicated 

       by polyhydramnios. The study’s aim is to assess the perinatal outcome of polyhydramnios.

       Detailed fetal anomaly ultrasound scans , including liquor volume assessment, will be

       conducted after structured patient interviews have been conducted. The patients will be

       followed up as per the normal management protocols. Delivery, postnatal and neonatal

       records will be reviewed post-delivery. The data will be analysed using the Chi-squared

       Test and SPSS Windows Version 15. The outcome of the trial may assist in improving the

       local management of polyhdramnios.